About Us

Praadis Games Inc., is a New Jersey U.S.A based Gaming company offering solutions in the field of Education, Training, and Entertainment. We hold our expertise in 3D, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality.


Augmented Reality Games for Students

Augmented Reality or AR has produced a massive sensation in the field of learning and training. Considering the enormously growing significance of Augmented Reality in classrooms for teaching, Praadis Games renders its students. We offer them a great opportunity to learn their subjects in an improved fashion through our interactive and fun AR games.

Our Mission

At Praadis Games, we are an experienced team of experts working in the field of Augmented Reality. We are on the mission of maximizing the learning experience for students from all over the world by integrating AR with learning. Confident of achieving the mission, we are focused on constructively leveraging learners’ engagement, retentiveness and their ambition to learn.
Our AR gaming solutions will help the students resolve various kinds of educational problems in a much easier and a better way plausible.

Our Vision

Our vision is to make a million dreams come true through powerful modes of learning. We are growing as one of the top players in the global online education market. Our goals are set directly to be the global leader in providing Customized Content for all the Countries and Curriculum.

What we additionally do?

We are actively raising the awareness drive for learning with Augmented Reality (AR) across the globe. Our experts are on the drive towards helping students explore the subjects’ concepts in a well-defined way. We are also conducting awareness workshops for both teachers and students at our location. Our professionals give an introduction of the AR & VR educational games very well and offer teachers as well as students the opportunity to get practical experience.